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Razan’s organic kitchen is the Oldest Organic restaurant in Berkely, established in 1997. We offer Mediterranean and Latin plates, burritos and wraps. All our meals are freshly prepared and cooked with the certified and local organic ingredients. Also, Fresh-squeezed orange and carrot juices and smoothies enliven your meals!

Why we do it?

We sincerely believe that organic and fresh ingredients are the essence of healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Our concern is to make you feel GREAT after you eat our food. For that fact, we daily handpick our vegetables and fruits and make sure that they’re fresh organic, and free of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. For the meats, we get grass fed beef and lamb that are Free of Antibiotic and Hormones.

Come to Razan’s Organic Kitchen and taste wholesome and fresh meal. 

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2119 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704


(510) 486-0449

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Mon.-Sun. 10AM – 10PM